Friday, March 17, 2006

long time, no write

Sorry that it has been so long.  Lack of Internet access explains it all.  That and my life is like a real life soap opera.  Crazy.  Mainly my family and grandparents are the culprits.  It is hard to explain the situation so I won't but if you could, if you would, be in prayer for us.  It has been a very hurtful situation for all involved and there is no way that we know of that we can fix it.  It will have to be all God.
But in me it has brought up some very real anger issues that I wasn't aware of.  And it brought up a lot of questions.  And I have to admit they were directed at God.  He should be able to fix everything right?  So why doesn't He?  I hate questions, but I am learning to trust Him and live without specific answers.
Life is hard.
Emmanuel.  God is with us.
Talk to you later.

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