Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up

It's been 2 months since I last wrote and I have a lot of catching up to do :) Some big things have happened around here!

Spring has come. Hopefully we'll have some apricots this year from this tree. Last year we didn't. Now summer is on the way...

This is unleavened bread. We had a Passover celebration at Luke and I's house with several friends over. It was a great time of comparing the Passover and what the Israelites were remembering to what Christians have to remember with Christ's death and resurrection. He was our Passover Lamb! Thank you God!

I got to plant flowers in my pots. They are so beautiful. This is my favorite flower I've planted so far.

I've been experimenting with kefir. This is a jar of water kefir. (Sorry I didn't have time to rotate the photo!) Kefir is still a mystery to me. Strange little growing creatures...but I do like to drink it. To find out more info, check out this site:

And the BIGGEST happening of all...I'M PREGNANT! It was a surprise, but we are happy. I am now 4 months along and as you can see in the picture, am starting to grow a belly. My due date is October 15th. So that is definitely something you will be hearing more about later.

That's what has been going on in my life in a nutshell. Talk to you later!

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Alysha Hayse said...

Soooo cute!! Already, just by the way you're carrying I am going to lay down my bet it's going to be a little girl. :)