Monday, October 03, 2011

Plan it--Don't Panic! Week 2

All righty here's the plan for this week...

October 3rd-9th:
Monday--Breakfast: oatmeal w/ fruit & nuts
Dinner: steaks, cornbread stuffing, green beans
Tuesday--Breakfast: fried eggs & toast
Dinner: Mediterranean meatballs
Prep: soak rice, get out re-fried beans
Wednesday--Breakfast: smoothies & toast
Dinner: Southwestern style casserole (because I didn't get around to making it last week!)
Prep: get out roast
Thursday--Breakfast: fried eggs & hot cereal
Dinner: Pot roast w/ potatoes, carrot curry
Friday--Breakfast: smoothies & toast
Dinner: leftovers
Prep: get out bacon, soak pancake flour
Saturday--Breakfast: pancakes, bacon, & eggs
Dinner: chicken breasts, tortellini in Alfredo sauce
Prep: soak oatmeal
Sunday--Breakfast: oatmeal w/ fruit & nuts
Dinner: spagetti & salad

P.S. My first week of planning breakfasts went really well! I love having less to think about early in the morning, lol.

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