Monday, January 06, 2014

Twelve Goals for 2014

1. Study God's Word every day!

2. Be consistent in training Autumn and Eden.

3. Read 1 book per month that's non-fiction, a biography, or a classic.

4. Get physically fit.

5. Run a half-marathon with my sister.

6. Sew a quilt for Luke and I's bed.

7. Eat grains the healthy way -- grinding yourself, soaking, sprouted.

8. Blog once a week (because you enjoy it!).

9. Take more pictures.

10. Play the piano at least once a week.

11. Don't let your electronic devices or entertainment rule over you or waste your time.

12. Build or buy a home. Be a home-owner by the end of the year!

Lets see how I do! I think these are manageable even with my two Littles.

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