Friday, January 27, 2006

Have you seen my life?

My life hasn't been boring lately as my title may imply. But it has been odd. God has been showing me so many things that just blow my mind. And I have been changing a lot too. In odd ways.

Example #1: I have vacuumed my room 3 times this week. Now I like to vacuum, it's true but I really never ever did it that much. It was like a once a month if I was feeling especially tidy thing. I have been dusting a lot too. And folding my clothes and just in general putting things away. Now those of you who have known me for awhile may be thinking, "Where is Dessa? What have the aliens done with her mind? Her personality is not neat! She is messy." I am sorry for shocking you all so. But my new navy blue carpet is so gorgeous when it has no white fuzz-balls on it.

Example #2: I am not worrying nearly as much about people I love. I am still praying, but it kinda isn't my problem anymore? Not that it ever was, but I made it that way. If they decide to screw up their lives, it breaks my heart, but God can still reach them. No matter how far they go. And I can't do anything about it anyway. None of them even listen to me. So why blab on endlessly when it does no good. I just pray.

Example #3: I am getting very close to closing that infamous gate. And completely opening my heart to God and His love. And becoming wholely devoted to Him. He is a much better "love of my life" than the other guy. And not only is that gate starting to stay closed, I really don't want any relationship with any guy right now. It is too much work. And I want to be closer to God. And not need a guy. They really are very unstable crutches to lean on at this age (and the same goes for girls at this age too, guys, we are especially unstable! LOL.)

Example #4: I have been much more diligent in my school work. Yay!!!

But see how weird I am getting? But it is a good weird. It is a peaceful weird. I think I like it. I think I will stay this way until God tells me to do otherwise.


SarahLynn said...

This is good news...the new Dessa is as great as the old Dessa. :) I love you no matter what Dessa you are...however, I'm sure God smiles at you alot these days. :)

Chris said...

I sort of relate with you.

Maybe there's something "weird" in our Omak water supply?

I like it too. :-)

Oh, and don't you wish those times that you are able to shut the gate that God would just padlock it so it wouldn't open again? Grr...