Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ages upon ages ago...

I once wrote in this blog...
I had forgotten about it until I was reading Chris's blog...and then I read Sarahlynn's. And it made me miss this blog. Because it is sooooooo much better than myspace blogs. I will probably still do some on myspace but also write some on here. :)

It is pretty late right now. But I can't sleep. I am just not sleepy. A perfect time to write.

I have been stressed out lately. There are a lot of decisions to be made in my life, and they are fairly serious ones to.

Should I stay here in Wenatchee and drain away my college fund OR return to Omak until the fall and still go to college there but save money?
And what should I do in the fall?

Okay now that I write them down there aren't that many. But they are serious ones...ones that I need to come up with answers on fairly soon.

And this would be easier if I felt like I could just go on common sense. But I really want God to be in these decisions. I want Him to show me His will in these choices. And I know from past experience that God doesn't always do what makes sense. He wants to grow us and mold us, and sometimes trying circumstances and problems are the means He uses in our lives. I want Him to grow me and mold me into His image also.

So I have been praying a lot. And trying to trust Him. And most of all trying not to get stressed out over it.

We'll see how it goes. And if anybody reads this and feels the desire to pray for me, I would much appreciate it. :)



Chris said...

I'm on my way to Mexico! So I don't have time to write, but I saw that you re-discovered your blog! Yay! Maybe I won't be alone anymore, lol. Keep blogging away!

Sarah M. said...

It's good that you're waiting on God, etc., but don't forget that sometimes He gives us options just because. Maybe one decision isn't better than another--maybe you're just so blessed that you get more than one path to choose from?

Seek Him, Dessa, all the rest is collateral.

Chris said...

Hey! I'm back! And though by now this post may be considered old, I finally came back here to re-read your entry. And now you can take or leave my book-like comment. :-P

I have spent weeks and even months in front of decisions (*cough* Spain!), where the "right" choice wasn't made clear to me, and where I could find logic and reason in following either choice. So I'd seek with all I had and pray and fast and wait before Him, asking ONLY that He would give me ears to hear His voice and not my voice, logic's voice, or anybody else's voice. I was consumed with hearing clearly from Him either way. But, He never clearly answered. No flashes of lightning. No neon signs. Nothing.

All the while I clung to a quote that says: "He who seeks the will of God won't be far from it."

And it's true. Hindsight's 20/20, but I don't think I was ever at a point where the decision I made would cause God to say, "I can't believe she did that! I can't work with this!" So I would keep that decision in an open palm before Him, and when the time came to act, I learned to trust, and I acted.

Good thing God's in control and not us, right? He always seems to get us to the places we need to be, and having that open heart sure makes it a lot easier.

Keep that open heart before Him, and as Matthew 6 says, "Take no thought for tomorrow, because tomorrow you'll have enough crap to worry about." (Okay, that might be paraphrased. :-P)