Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Beauty Contest

Life is full of up's and down's isn't it? (just a random question, that needs not be answered because I know the answer is yes)

"Providence is the way God leads a man who will not be lead... there are no accidents with God."
--J. Vernon McGee

Now I am reading in Esther. I finally finished Nehemiah, *sigh*, I wish there were more guys like him in this world. They have to be out there somewhere. But back to the subject... Esther.
She was a beauty. She won an extreme beauty contest. One for the position of queen. So she had to be gorgeous. She was a Jew so she did the whole thing without telling anyone who she really was.

Can you imagine 12 months of beauty treatments? That is what she went through! I would go crazy. Maybe a week or two of pampering at the most is all I could stand. And I wouldn't like being paraded before a ton of people and picked apart for physical faults. One of the many reasons I am not a beauty queen, nor most likely will never be.

Was her being in that pageant God's Will? Probably not. But God used it for His good and the good of His people. God still leads His people even if they are not in His Will. Isn't that amazing? My friends who aren't following Him is still being lead by God. But instead of them doing it willingly and following His will; He has to just work their circumstances and choices into something good. Lots of work for God. I know He likes it when we go willingly and aren't made to do something for Him.

God is all-powerful. He works and has His hand in everything on this earth. And His will is ultimately accomplished. I find great comfort in that. So even if I screw up, He can turn it around. I still want to do it right, but if I fail, I am not doomed to a messed up life for the rest of my life. He can fix it. He can make it truly beautiful. Hay! He can make my life a beauty pageant of all He has worked in it! Encouraging thoughts.

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Chris said...

Very encouraging thoughts. :)