Saturday, September 10, 2005


I am at my aunt and uncle's doing laundry and using their internet like normal. Somedays I feel like such a bum. It's like I live here. And they must get tired of it sometimes even though I try to be super-clean and remember that I really don't live here. But how else will I have clean clothes if I don't come over here?... Someday, hopefully soon, our house will be done. The day I wait for.

Got a cool quote...
"Revivals are sometimes accused fo making people mad. The fact is, men are naturally mad on the subject of religion, and revivals restore them rather than make them mad.
--Charles G. Finney

Mad here equals crazy. And to warn you for future reference I speak of revival a lot. It is something I am desperately praying for within the Body of Christ. Pray for it with me and several others. Our world needs Christ and the Church needs to take on holiness as a requirement to reach them. We should be an example of Christ if we bear His name. And as the quote says, no we are not the crazy ones for living for Him--they are the ones who are crazy and need Christ to restore them to how He originally made them to be. Made in the image of God.


Chris said...

I'm glad you clarified what "mad" means. I would've been way confused otherwise. Blonde moments abound in my life.

Revival is on my heart too. When I was in Colorado in July the missions board of the organization I was joining asked me this question: "If there was one thing you could see accomplished in your lifetime, what would it be?" My answer surprised me. I said I wanted to see revival happen in the North American church.

I may be missions-minded, but my heart is ultimately for my country. We must pray pray pray!


SarahLynn said...

Yes! I found a comment from Chris' blog to yours. I'm adding you to my list of people to read. Keep on, I'll be waiting for more wisdom from your head!

Much love