Monday, October 10, 2005

Change My Name

For all you girls (because I have determined that no guys read my blog and if they do they leave no comments)...

This is the song that has been going through my head. Read and analyze--the song, not my head. It is by Cadet. It truly describes what I want and what He continues to do in my day by day.

"Seeking, hoping, trying to be who you want* fearful, thankful, able to see a difference*Change my name, change my name* I left myself and you remain* Change my name* Come and take away my pride* Break it, burn it, I know that you've always hated it* It's hard to say but I love you more than all of this* I love you more than this* When it's all lost, I find a freedom* When it's all gone, I find a life* So give me a name and I'm yours forever* Give me a name and I'm yours* Change my name, change my name* I left myself and I'm not the same* I left myself in yesterday* I left myself and you remain* Change my name"


Aussiemon said...

Hi Porkchop
I like your lyrics. I writeGospel songs also. But haven't put them on my blog yet. You have some bad comments on your site. I think they are computer spam comments which can be fixed if you change your format on your settings so that people have to write out the word code first.

SarahLynn said...

*gasp* the guys come out!
He's right about the comments...hehe

I loved this song! We're all just pieces of artwork begging to be changed. :)

Thanks for the encouragment at 8 in the morning!