Monday, October 31, 2005

Checking Yota's Oil

Today or actually just before I got here I had to check Yota's oil. She was in desperate need of it. She is such a thirsty car! The little pig she is.

You may wonder why I named my car Yota, or even named my car at all. Well Su(with Pepe) and my mom(with Nellie) did so I figured I needed to. (I am such a crowd follower!) And at first I thought she needed a white preppie chick name because it just seemed to fit my car. But the other day I thought, "Wow! Yota! Toyota, Yota. And she's green like Yoda." So it all worked out fine. Yota, the Fawn Slayer.

But I really do get tired of putting oil in her every week. And it made mom late for something because I had to do it before she left.

To add something Godly to this conversation----

We need to be thirsty like Yota, in constant need of God's love and grace to be poured upon us or down our throats like Yota. And we need to make sure we are close to Him, as close and right with Him as we can get. We have to check our level of growth in Him to make sure we are not running out. If we don't we will blow up just like my engine will if I don't keep oil in it like I should.

So be like Yota, thirsty, and keep close to God for your health.
God does a body good.

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