Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Death of Yota Petersen (1992-2005)

This week has been interesting.
Many things have been done on the house. Over half of it is now painted and today the carpet and linoleum is being put in the bedrooms/bathrooms.
God has shown Himself to be good to me in many ways.
He has helped me to conquer parts of my laziness and complaining ways.
I was able to spend 5 hours in Home Depot without complaining and adding to the already stressful situation. When we finally left at 3 pm with 5 regular sized carts full and 3 flat carts of home-stuff; I could say to myself, "Well done. You managed to ignore your starving belly and sore feet and let God have victory in that part of your life."
And then I have been painting for the last 3 days without complaining. Again, it is such an awesome thing for me! It encourages me that this sometimes sad excuse for a Christian can be improved.
And that is God, people. God in His power and glory. He wants to make us better. He wants us to be His home improvement project and He desires to fix every bad or broken part of us.
I love that He cares that much for me.
But to explain the title, yep, Yota died. My poor little car died on me Thursday night. And thankfully it wasn't because of the oil, which is what I was worried about. After youth group and our almost weekly after youth group meeting at DQ, I was coming up Robinson Canyon because it had opened just that day and I was so happy. In my car, going up my road, listening to "Getaway Car" by TobyMac. *sigh* Then I started to realize that I wasn't getting the speed I normally can in my car. I had to go into overdrive several times which is not normal. Once I got to the top and on flat ground I couldn't go over 30 mph without going into overdrive. So I knew something was wrong (even with my minimal knowledge of car workings) and pulled over and turned it off. We called Dad and he came and rescued us. Yota was pronounced dead at 10:30 pm, Thursday, November 10, 2005, of 2 blown engine cylinders.
On the brighter side, Dad knows of an engine we can get and Yota should be able to be resurrected within a month or so. So I am sad, but not to the point of seriously mourning which I thought I was going to have to do.

God is good, see. The house is getting done. I am getting more and more Dessa-improvements done by the masterful God. And Yota died yet will be resurrected at much less money than I thought.
Praise the Lord!


SarahLynn said...

praising God in all things is a great improvement for anyone!

God be with you today. :)

Chris said...

Ah...poor Yota. But remember...your daddy loves ya! Three weeks will go by fast, I promise. I had to endure a month and almost a whole summer without my car. And now I have two cars, lol! And I have to say that the KIA Sportage is very...*grunt grunt* manly. I love to drive manual transmissions, I've decided.

I love you, Dessa! Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement, especially lately...