Friday, November 04, 2005

You Fight

A poem by me, for someone I love

I fought, fought, fought You all day and night;
Trying to make everything all right,
Working so hard alone--failing, failing--
But You were always there,
But You were always there.

I fled, fled, fled from Your mercy and grace;
Not wanting to live my life at your pace.
Running from God--struggling, struggling--
Why are You always there?
Why are You always there?

I fell, fell, fell hard to the ground.
Was there anyone who loved me still around?
Seeing no one--crying, crying--
Lord, are You still there?
Lord, are You still there?

He spoke, spoke, spoke to my broken heart;
Telling me I could make a new start.
"Come to me--willing, willing--
And I will be here,
I will always be here."

I ran, ran, ran into Your loving arms.
There I was safe from any harm.
Content to be--resting, resting--
Oh, were You always there?
Yes You were always there.

I followed, followed, followed as I went
Through life and where You sent.
Learning of Christ--growing, growing--
And You were always there,
And You were always there.

Now You fight, fight, fight all day and night;
Fighting for me You make everything right.
I am not alone--praising, praising--
That You are always there,
That You are always there.

1 comment:

Fligdet said...

Dessa I LOVE this poem. Remember,(even though i'm ussually at school or sleeping or more resently crying wishing i could fall back asleep,) i am always here if you need to talk or pray. an DW that goes for you to. I LOVE both you guys to death.
~*your lil sis/beattle/flidget*`