Sunday, November 20, 2005

Prarie Skirts

This week has been the attack of laundry un-done. The clothes basket has been full and I have had very few clothes to wear.

But today I felt gorgeous even though I had really no choice of what to wear and my hair was frizzy. But I wore a white shirt, my prarie skirt, black boots, and the brown jacket that Flidget gave me. And I looked good if I may say so myself. Okay I can't really say that for sure, but I felt as if I looked good. Personally I think it was the prarie skirt. It is my favorite and I love it because it allows me to be lazy and unlady-like while appearing to be dressed up and like a lady. Everyone needs one.

Isn't it odd or wrong or something how we look affects how we act and feel? For me, when I look like a lady I feel like a lady. And when I am covered in cow poop (which I have been before), I feel like crap.

But God says we are beautifully and wonderfully made. And He put no conditions on that. Not like people do. If people saw me when I woke up, they might run and hide. But God just looks down and says, "Wow! She's a darling. My darling." Isn't that cool? Because honestly, He made me without the makeup, so that is what He probably sees as beautiful. The morning me. Not the foundation with mascara, lip gloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner me.

It's those little realizations that click in my head every so often that brighten my day. That He loves me without my gorgeousness. He loves the inside me. The me that no one sees, or they rarely see. The one who freaks out when my sister spends the night somewhere else because someone might "get" me. The one who even silently doubts Him, fearing that He isn't everything He says He is, or that He won't bless me ever.

But I must go eat. So go out knowing you are gorgeous to God.

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